Onika L. Dainty


Onika L. Dainty lives in Toronto, ON where she is the host and creator of the DaintyDysh Podcast. She lives with Bipolar Affective Disorder 1 and over the last twenty years has faced challenge after challenge when it comes to her mental health. Through self-advocacy and the love and support of her family and friends Onika is thriving as a podcaster, author, creative and entrepreneur. With a background in communications Onika aims to create content that speaks to audiences that are trying to understand mental health and those that simply want more information about what goes on in the mental health community.  

Onika is also the 2019/2020 Bell Let’s Talk Face of Mental Illness. This national ambassadorship has given her the opportunity to share her lived experience story with audiences across Canada. She has also participated in speaking engagements for organizations such as CAMH and for students at Humber College and Pickering High School.


Elliot "Ello" Clarke

Producer Engineer

Elliot ‘Ello’ Clarke is the projects producer and engineer. Hailing from Toronto, Elliot studied Marketing and Advertisement at Humber College. He is the glue that keeps DaintyDysh together and the compass that keeps us on course. Often acting as another sound voice on the show he works both in the foreground and background of production. He understands mental health from his own experiences and isn’t afraid to share with our audiences the ups and downs that we all go through when dealing with this challenging issue.


Bianca "B" Dainty


Bianca ‘B’ Dainty is our podcast co-host and resident spelling bee champion. As a mother of two having her own unique mental health challenges B brings a different perspective to each episode. She is a creative who uses her talent for graphic and culinary design to bake delicious confectionaries for her clients through her business Dainty Ever After Creatives. Her motto is Real, Raw and Unfiltered and she is not afraid to bring the heat into her banter with her big sister Onika.