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The Big Idea

Full disclosure I came up with this idea on a family vacation in July 2020 when I was at the height of my hypomania. Once again, I found myself in the unique position where grandiose thinking was the flavour of the month and great ideas just kept flowing. But wait…how could I tell it was a “great idea?” How did I know my thinking train was on the right course? Easy. I learned this trick a long time ago let’s call it Mania Tip #1: The Great Idea’s Parking Lot. Anytime I am in hypomania or mania or even better full blown psychosis I will scribble the general idea down in one of the brand new journals I always purchase when I feel a great idea coming on and then I parking lot it until I’m back at baseline to see if holds water or if it was just part of the sinking ship called hypomania.

Alas, here we are now in October 2020, I have come down off my high, and I’ve got my psychiatrist’s you-are-out-of-the-woods stamp of approval. Now it’s time to revisit that parking lot and see what COVID mania has given birth to. Truth be told during hypomania there was a free-flowing extravaganza of ideas, but Project Dysh Boutiques is the only one I’m pulling out of the lot and taking for a spin.

Over the last almost three years of working on the podcast, I have met many people going through mental health challenges but they defy these obstacles and often create something beautiful, find joy in life and insight change through advocacy. These people are creatives, writers, artists, photographers, musicians and poets. They use various mediums to express themselves, what they think or feel about mental health and the world we currently live in. I want to build a new platform for past, present and future guests who have creative ideas but need a space to launch their projects or build their small business.

Dysh Boutiques will be an online consignment shop where there will be an eclectic mix of online shopping for both products and services. My “shop owners” will be building their brands while simultaneously working to help raise awareness for mental health by continuing to return to the DaintyDysh Podcast to have conversations that take you beyond the stigma. Finally, a portion of the proceeds from all sales in Dysh Boutiques will go to the Alvira Doris Marcus Morgan (A.D.M.M.) Foundation for building sustainable transitional homes for people with mental health, addiction and homelessness issues. But that is another story for another time!

For now I wanted to let my audience know there is a new platform coming to town and its going to given an often unheard population a voice and as far as big ideas go I think this one is not bad. Follow me as I give you the dysh on how Project Dysh Boutiques is developing and how I’m handling creating something brand new.

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